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Katherine R. Kittsmiller




Here’s what recent guests have to say about their stay at Beside Still Waters.

A missionary family from Russia said:
Wonderful! Great location, very clean and comfortable. We cant say enough about how nice it was.

A pastors wife writes :
This has been FABULOUS for us-we were able to pray, meditate, read, talk, swim, walk, and enjoy Gods creation. We have felt restoration and recreation and Gods presence each day.

Another couple shared with us:
We needed the time away from regular responsibilities to concentrate on our relationship. This retreat provided us the opportunity to deal with painful things, but also we could take a time out if things got too heavy. A walk on the beach has a very calming effect.

A family in ministry reported:
Wonderful! The freedom to read, unwind and enjoy the ocean was tremendous. The atmosphere of the island was especially conducive to quiet family time.

A single woman comments :
The apartment was very refreshing to me in the midst of a storm. Being able to utilize both the pool and walk on the beach was a physical release for me. The solitude which was offered was so welcome. It provided me with the opportunity to think, to put aside the world, to seek the face of God. Thank you for that time.