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Beside Still Waters Program

Beside Still Waters at Playa Del Sol is a program that provides a place of retreat for rest and refocus. The four-unit, two-story complex is about one hour south of Tampa, Florida This program is offered to God’s servants. We define a servant as an experienced pastors, ministers, missionaries, bishops, priests, or rabbis, etc. (Applicant must have three years or more service in good standing.) Stay is limited to 10 days Full Days Year round. This unit has a full kitchen. Food, entertainment and transportation are not furnished by Beside Still Waters. All Applicants will pay a $250.00 refundable deposit, in addition to deposit we require a minimum donation of $250 per stay and an application fee of $25.00 ( non refundable) in addition to the cleaning fee charges as follows: We are changing to one cleaning fee of $125 for all guests (6 total people per unit) In addition to these changes all payments will be made via credit card thru the square app. ( an invoice will be issued upon application approval and be emailed to you to pay directly) and we will no longer accept paypal and checks as of January 1, 2019. Please note full cost of a stay on the Island would cost a lot more than this small amount we ask you of you. An Application is required for all guests. Including returning guests.

Please note : I will be run the program from home so I am only available via email only. Once booked you will be given my Cell Number.

Current Email Address: tffkathie@outlook.com

New Fax Number: 941-677-6023

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