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Katherine R. Kittsmiller



Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters at Playa Del Sol is a program that recognizes the pressures of being in ministry in this day and age. Our goal is to provide a place of rest and refocus for those in need who are in the service of the Lord. This program is open to experienced pastors, ministers, missionaries, bishops, priests, or rabbis, etc. Explore our website to learn the details of how you can come and stay with us in sunny Gulf Coast Florida.

AVAILABILITY: Every January through August we tend to fill up 3 months in advance. Due to the number of requests we are limiting stay to maximum of 10 days during these months. All other month maximum stay is 14 DAYS.

Minimum stay is 4 days.

As of October 1st , 2015, I will be running the program from home so I will be available via email only. New Email Address: tffkathie@outlook.com

New Fax Number: 941-677-6023

Click here to check our blog for Current Availability